About the Dance Academy

The Dance Academy launched its first program on January 2nd, 2012.  By July 1st Premier Athletics had opened 5 Studio locations students across the Southeastern part of the country.  The Dance Academy program is a unique program designed by dancers and dance educators, some of whom have children of their own.  They understood from many points of view what dancers wanted and needed. 

The Dance Academy has dedicated itself to developing a well rounded dance program that fosters growth and passion for dance.  There are several components to our Dance Academy Program.  Each component has been designed to provide our dancers with positive learning,technique, strength, character building, knowledge of the art of dance, and so much more.


At the Dance Academy we have a well-rounded curriculum that includes dance technique, dance history, famous dancers, choreographers and terminology.   We include Meet the Body educational track which helps to teach our dancers about the Anatomy of the body and how it relates to them as a dancer.


As parents of dancers we are particularly concerned with the health of our growing dancers.  Proper technique plays a huge part in not only quality dance performances but also is a dancer’s best protection from injury.  We encourage good nutrition and healthy living habits.


At the Dance Academy we feel that dance is an expression of one’s soul and we encourage exploring those feelings through dance.  We want our dancers to learn to express themselves postively through dance while building self esteem, confidence and a positive outlook.