Jazz Age: 6+

Jazz (45 minutes). Our Jazz classes combine a very fun and creative dance approach with the necessary technique to advance as a dancer. Classes teach basic – advanced jazz technique, terminology and movement quality; all while developing correct body alignment, flexibility, and strength. **Pre-requisite – must have two years of ballet or take dance technique i... Read more »

Contemporary Age: 8+

Contemporary (45 minutes). This class is designed to teach expression of dance while combining elements of jazz and ballet.  Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict structure of ballet.  The class will help the dancer connect with the music and develop their musicality and understanding of musicality and dancing to the rhythm ... Read more »

Jazz Technique Age: 6+

Recommended as a supplement class for ALL students 6+. Dance Technique will focus on the technical elements of ballet and jazz.  Adding this class in addition to your regular dance classes will help your dancer to become a better technician.  A solid technical foundation is the key to a dancers success. Read more »

Acro Class

The Dance Academy has an extensive list of classes that can help your dancer become more familiar with acrobatics.  If you are interested in learning Acro that can help supplement your dance abilities we can give you more information on our tumbling classes taught by our highly trained and experienced tumbling instructors. Read more »

Musical Theatre

This class introduces students to Broadway dance and theatre.  The class will incorporate dance styles such as jazz and show girl tap.  The choreography will be taught from popular Broadway shows.  The dancers get to act out scenes and become characters as they dance. Read more »

Hip Hop - Breakdance

Hip Hop - BreakDance (45 minutes). Breakdancing teaches b-boy/girl footwork and break dancing power moves. Read more »

Boys Hip Hop

Boys Hip Hop (55 minutes). Hip Hop is a street style dance.  Hip Hop has many styles within it.  The Studio will focus on a different style each month to expose your dancer to as many style with-in the genre.  Students will learn the correct technique and terminology for the latest moves they see on TV.  A great supplement to Hip Hop would be Break... Read more »

Ballet Age: 6+

Classical Ballet (45 minutes).  This class is designed to teach ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, and flexibility. Students will become stronger technicians in all styles by participating in ballet class. Read more »