Cool Mom Gadgets
Cool Mom Gadgets

Being a mom is hard work! Luckily, we're basically living in 'the Jetson's' age and every day new fun and exciting products are being released to make our day a little easier.

Today we're routing up the coolest gadgets of 2019! It's the next best thing to being a super hero, even though your family already knows you have a huge selection of super powers. 😉

-- Caring for a newborn or baby takes enough toll on your mind and body, beat that baby brain with this 'Itzbeen' baby timer. This little gadget keeps track of feeding, changing, sleep schedule and more!

-- This Bathtub Barrier cuts the amount of bath water needed in half. Not only will it save time filling the tub (extra time is like gold for moms, am I right?!), but it will also cut down on your water bill! Double win!

-- Carpool can be stressful. This car air diffuser can make your commute much more pleasant. It's a two in one, essential oil diffuser and humidifier + it's under $7!

-- Guacamole lovers rejoice! Stop wasting avocados and snag some of these silicone avocado huggers. The airtight seal keeps your avocados fresh and green longer and the reusable design is eco-friendly!

-- As a Mom, keeping your family safe is the number one concern. Ease the worry some with the help of this Halo Smoke Detector. Not only does it monitor your home for smoke and carbon monoxide, it also alerts you if there are any weather alerts or cause for concern.

What's your favorite 'Mom Gadget' this year?